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MARINE DYNAMICS StingRay Classic Jr Hydrofoil Stablizer For Under 40 HP JR-2

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The StingRay Classic 2, Junior Hydrofoil is engineered to blast all boat types out of the hole quicker than ever before, and keep boats on plane at lower speeds - leading to significant fuel savings! Porpoising, chinewalking, cavitation, and ventilation are reduced or eliminated - stabilizing the boat and providing a safer and more comfortable ride. For smaller, lightweight boats such as jon boats, inflatables, or RIBS that struggle to get on plane the StingRay Classic 2, Junior Hydrofoil helps plane the boat out quicker, and increases driver visibility by getting the bow of the boat down sooner. The drag-reducing wing texture ensures maximum top-end speed while the ghosted graphics package provides a subtle yet powerful statement that your boat features the latest technology from the worlds leading hydrofoil stabilizer brand - StingRay Hydrofoils. The 4-Bolt Installation method is the industrys most secure yet simple installation giving you confidence and peace of mind while on the water - guaranteed to never come off your engine! The StingRay Classic 2, Junior Hydrofoil provides top-notch performance enhancement, ghosted graphics styling, and pays for itself in fuel savings - making this one of the best performance accessories you can add to your boat!
    • Fits Most Outboards and Sterndrives: 9.9-40HP

    • Gets Boats on Plane Quicker

    • Keeps Boats on Plane at Lower Speeds - Saving Significant Fuel

    • Reduces/Eliminates Cavitation, Chinewalking, and Porpoising

    • Saves Fuel - Quickly Pays for Itself

    • Increases Driver Visibility

    • May Increase Top-End Speed

    • Drag-Reducing Wing Texture and Ghosted Graphics

    • Features 4-Bolt Installation

  • Recommended For: All Types of Boats

MFG# JR-2 JR2 UPC# 096144006213

Product Weight:
3.000 Lbs