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Garmin BluechartReg G2 Vision Card New York 010C070500

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Plug a BlueChart g2 Vision card into your compatible device's SDTM card slot and tremendously expand its mapping capabilities. High-resolution satellite imagery enhances chart depictions for superior situational awareness so you can navigate with a clear moving-map representation of your boat's position. It's the most realistic mapping display Garmin has ever offered in a chartplotter. High resolution satellite imagery when overlaid on the chart provides the mariner with unparalleled situational awareness
Aerial reference photography provides "real world" photos of ports harbors marinas waterways navigation landmarks and other points of interest offering the mariner another powerful tool for navigating unfamiliar waters
Mariner's Eye View perspective provides a bird's eye view from behind the boat showing the chart information for a quick reliable and easy position fix
Fish Eye View 3D perspective provides an underwater view that visually represents the sea floor according to the chart's information
Auto Guidance technology searches chart data to suggest the best passage to a destination
Fishing charts allow the mariner to hide navigation data from the SD card while leaving the bottom contours and depth soundings for their next fishing adventure
Includes tides currents marine services coastal roads and points of interest
Detailed BlueChart g2 maps are includ500 600 700 4000 5000 6000 7000

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