$255.28 $216.99
CASTABLE SONAR TURNS PHONES INTO FISHFINDERS. Easily find and catch more fish with the durable STRIKER Cast GPS sonar device. Just cast it out, and reel it back in to view sonar with a 200 castable range via an app display on your smartphone or tablet. STRIKER Cast device streams and displays sonar on...
16 item(s)

$2,169.40 $1,843.99
Experience an advanced all-in-1 solution with our GPSMAP 1042xsv keyed combo. Transducer for Garmin CHIRP sonar, CHIRP ClearV? and CHIRP SideV? available separately. It also has built-in support for Panoptix all-seeing sonar and premium Garmin sonar modules (transducers sold separately). Features a large, bright...
48 item(s)

$3,118.81 $2,650.99
Experience an advanced all-in-1 solution with our GPSMAP 1242xsv keyed combo. Transducer for Garmin CHIRP sonar, CHIRP ClearV? and CHIRP SideV? available separately. It also has built-in support for Panoptix all-seeing sonar and premium Garmin sonar modules (transducers sold separately). Features a large,...
24 item(s)

$214.11 $181.99
The GT10HN-IF ice fishing transducer is perfect for fishermen who want clear definition under the ice with excellent target separation The narrow 7-16 degree beam angle provides precise fish and jig detection The 8-pin transducer features high-narrow CHIRP traditional sonar and has a power rating of 500 W Its shape...
68 item(s)

$174.11 $147.99
MFG# 010-01550-00 0100155000 UPC# 753759147013
203 item(s)

$70.58 $59.99
MFG# 010-11617-50 0101161750 UPC# 753759128814
58 item(s)

$131.75 $111.99
Ultralight handheld DepthTrax™ 1H with Intelligent Sonar lets you aim it's beam wherever you want to see, like an underwater flashlight. One slide of the magnetic switch gives real time depth readings, while another slide will indicate the current water or air temperature. Algorithmic programming...
64 item(s)

$119.99 $101.99
FishTrax™ 1 handheld fish finder is packed full of features that will help you take your fishing to the next level. VariableZone™ Water Temperature gives you instant water temperature readings and the Fish Depth Scale allowing lets you know exactly how far down the fish is. The VirtuView™ display...
24 item(s)

$199.99 $196.99
FishTrax™ 1C is a HD color fish finder perfect for experienced anglers who demand a high-definition fishing experience. The dual-frequency FishTrax™ Intelligent sonar allows you to have precise readings up to 240 feet in 1/10th precision. The FishTrax™ 1C also has a built in Ice-Mode Digital...
30 item(s)

$165.87 $140.99
Perfect for your tackle box or kayak, the FishTrax™ 1X is intended for for intermediate anglers looking for advanced features to pinpoint optimal fish habitats. The Glare-Free VirtuView™ Dot Matrix Display can be adjusted to show raw sonar data. It also includes auto-switching, dual-beam...
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$63.52 $53.99
The Splitter Cable Side Imaging into left and right Side Beams allows the use of two side imaging transducers with one unit without the need for a transducer switch Used in applications where the a plastic thru-the-hull transducer is required on a boat with a deep V hull or the motor or other items on the transom of...
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$63.52 $53.99
?This hardware kit adapts our MEGA transom mount transducer for use on the trolling motor. MFG# 740159-1 7401591 UPC# 082324050305
51 item(s)

$128.22 $108.99
Humminbirds 760025-1 As Ethernet Extension Cable is a 30 cable that allows you to extend the length of your ethernet cables For current models HELIX 7 HELIX 9 HELIX 10 HELIX 12 SOLIX 10 SOLIX 12 SOLIX 15 Designed for quick and simple use MFG# 760025-1 7600251 UPC# 082324035432
69 item(s)

$105.87 $89.99
30' extension cable for transducers. HELIX extension cable is used to extend the transducer cable an additional 30'. While there may not be any major performance issues while using the existing, non-MEGA EC W30 cable (720003-2), there is a possibility of interference. The new cable includes additional...
35 item(s)

$38.81 $32.99
Ethernet Cable MFG# 72007412 UPC# 082324045769
400 item(s)

$85.87 $72.99
Gimbal Mount for SOLIX 12 MFG# 740164-1 7401641 UPC# 082324050411
14 item(s)

$39.99 $33.99
Gimbal Mount - HELIX 7 MFG# 740146-1 7401461 UPC# 082324047190
180 item(s)

$74.11 $62.99
Gimbal Mount - HELIX 9 & 10 MFG# 740149-1 7401491 UPC# 082324048418
43 item(s)

$419.99 $356.99
The HELIX 5 DI puts you right in the middle of the DI game. The wide screen allows enough room for sonar and DI screens to be seen side by side bringing all the fish catching data you need to stay on top of the fish - literally. 5" HD 256 color TFT wide screen 200/83kHz Dual beam sonar 1500' depth capability...
41 item(s)

$312.93 $265.99
No frills, no apologies, just straight sonar performance. The HELIX 5 offers a wide, bright screen to reliably show fish, bottom and structure down to 1500' depths. 5" HD 256 color TFT wide screen 1500' depth capability 200/83kHz Dual beam sonar 500...
85 item(s)

$98.81 $83.99
Gimbal Mount for SOLIX 15 MFG# 740165-1 7401651 UPC# 082324050428
18 item(s)

$91.75 $77.99
In Dash Mounting Kit MFG# 740155-1 7401551 UPC# 082324048869
81 item(s)

$41.16 $34.99
Stainless Steel mounting hardware for the XNT transom mount transducers. MFG# 740162-1 7401621 UPC# 082324050435
67 item(s)

$76.46 $64.99
ONIX Splitter Cable AS GPS NMEA MFG# 720080-1 7200801 UPC# 082324038938
49 item(s)

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