$129.99 $129.95
Gets even the heaviest boats up on plane twice as fast with the industry's fastest hole shot and reduces bow rise. The unique design of the XRIII harnesses the prop-wash and creates a powerful, thrust-enhancing cone. Complete with full-surface graphic inlays, the XRIII is ideal for heavier boats needing greater...
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$58.19 $52.99
Reliable bolt-on hydrofoil gets boat up on plane faster, while bow rise is also reduced. Chinewalking, porpoising, and cavitation are no longer problems for boats with a StingRay Classic. True stabilization, performance enhancement, and increased fuel economy. Fits 1-1/2-40hp MFG# JR-XPI-1 JRXPI1 UPC#...
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$72.93 $61.99
MFG# SR-XPI-1 SRXPI1 UPC# 096144006176
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MFG# SR-XRIII-1 SRXRIII1 UPC# 096144006046
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