Shower Sumps

$227.89 $153.99
Quickly drains shower, sink or tub. Self-contained, mercury-free float switch. Pump automatically starts & removes accumulated water as sump box fills. Check valve in inlet manifold prevents pump from cycling & reduces standing water odor. Clear plastic lid allows easy filter inspection & service....
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$210.79 $141.99
Standard box w/500 GPH output performance. Offering fast water flow into sump & quick installation. Lid includes gasket to seal sump box against overflow. Sump box includes an air vent to prevent air locks. Meets or exceeds all applicable standards of the ABYC & USCG. Multiple inlets can be hooked up to more than...
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$28.22 $23.99
Diaphragm Kit MFG# 20403040 UPC# 705474200412
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$260.09 $178.99
Self-priming up to 10' allows mounting above wet bilges. Design allows extended dry running. Continuous rated heavy duty motor sealed for harsh bilge environments. Thermal overload protection automatically stops the motor if it overheats due to overloading with auto re-start feature. Complete with pump gard. Oil...
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$394.19 $323.99
Run-dry design. Self-priming allows mounting above bilge & sump areas w/only intake hose in bilge. FEATURES: GPM 3.4, LPM 13,0; Volts 12V DC; Amp Draw 7.5; Fuse Size 10; Dimensions 6''Hx5-1/4''Wx7-1/2''L. MFG# 37202-2012 372022012 UPC# 671880521062
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$325.29 $266.99
Shower Drain/Bilge Pump 12 Volt 3.7 GPM open flow output at 3ft head Self-priming up to 6ft vertical lift allows mounting above wet bilges Flexible installation Compact and simple design Filter-less Quiet running Capable of extensive dry running Corrosion resistant parts Size: 11.7 in. long x 5.9 in. wide...
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$518.79 $398.99
The Viking Power 32 diaphragm pumps have been designed to meet the rigorous demands of the world's leading manufacturers of boats, recreational vehicles and busses. Thanks to its single chamber design and non choke valves, the Viking Power 32, can be used to pump un macerated sewage to a holding tank or...
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$139.99 $118.99
Multi-port sump featuring Ultima Switch technology. Designed to work flawlessly in harsh environments, Ultima Switch ignores dirt, grease, hair, detergents, and other nasty contaminants that enter the typical shower sump. MFG# 57151 UPC# 729321571517
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$159.99 $135.99
This compact shower sump system is designed to meet the higher demands from todays boating industry where more equipment is used Includes the fresh water system onboard and involves showers dishwashing machines galley sinks etc The shower sump turns on/off automatically using our Ultima switch technology and has...
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$205.09 $160.99
The shower drain box includes a polycarbonate snap lid cover, gasketed cover, several mounting options, cut guides and drill points, friction fit pump and switch, threaded port fittings, easy clean strainer, and a larger joker valve. Several combinations of port fittings are included such as 3/4", 1", 1-1/8",...
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$275.89 $223.99
Quiet large diaphragm pump can run dry without damage and is specially designed to pump waste or shower water without a filter. Double outlet valve ensures continuous flow and is self-priming to 10'. Multi-directional head allows the pump to be mounted in a convenient location. 3/4" Hose connections. MFG#...
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