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Moeller Swingarm Electric Sending Unit With Diesel Return for Tank Depth 12 to 24" (Requires Dash Mounted Gauge) 035724-10

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To meet the needs of a return line found on diesel and some fuel injection engines. Easy installation on all 5-hole flange tanks. Compatible with 33 to 240 Ohm fuel gauges, 12" to 24" Deep Tanks. Return line allows for all fuel injected engines including gasoline. Swing arm float can be rotated 90 increments to clear tank wall or baffle.

MFG# 035724-10 03572410 UPC# 039729724102

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The female threads that receive the male right angle NPT fitting for fuel return line need to extend deeper, below the plane of the large circular sender plate. A good design would mean adding a flange below the plate, so that the female thread depth would be about 5/8" thick at minimum, instead of the current approx 3/16-1/4". With current design, a) the right angle hose barb won't swing freely around the tank as the NPT threaded end is tightened into the plate, because it is obstructed in its final turn by the electrical sender post at the center of the disk. b) for the same general reason, the final position of the fitting ends up with the barb aimed at the pickup tube-fill pipe-vent fitting end of the tank, whereas a good design would allow a range of final positions, all tight. In my case, the engine in forward of the tank, and the pickup tube-fill pipe-vent fitting end of the tank needs to be aft due to pre-existing positions of fill port in cockpit above. It would have been simple to aim the return line fitting barb at the engine and have a straight hose. Mine aims directly away from the engine, requiring a wide looping path for the return line hose and the possibility of kinking. c) with a fitting that is not tight, there is likelihood of fuel spillage through the fitting when tank is full and boat tilt angles are constantly changing while underway.

I would have happily paid a few cents or a few dollars more for a higher quality design on this detail.

I have not yet tried the actual function of the device, just installing now. May add more comments later.
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