Straps & Pad/Strap Eyes

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This pad eye folds flat when not in use. The eye gives with the load; materially reducing the load on the fastenings. A friction drag insures that the eye stays in position and is rattle free. All stainless steel. Comes with backing plate. 48580 has 1/4" diameter bail. 48585 has 5/16" diameter bail. 316 stainless...
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$121.99 $105.99
Quick connect/disconnect system allows you to easily pick up and release your mooring with your boat hook. Simply attach the slide hook to the end of your boat hook with supplied clamp and you're ready to go. High polish. 316 stainless steel. 600lbs. safe working load. 6-1/4" x 3-3/8". MFG# 48750 UPC#...
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