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BALMER Centerfielder II Dual Alternator Charge Balancer CFII-12/24

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The Centerfielder II balances twin-engine charging systems by monitoring port and starboard voltage regulators. When both alternators and voltage regulators are working, the Centerfielder II automatically splits field output from the dominant regulator to both alternators, making it possible to charge a single house battery bank with the combined output of both alternators. Use only with Max Charge MC-612, MC-614, or MC-624 voltage regulators. Do not install in systems utilizing internally regulated alternators.
  • Balances charging in twin engine applications

  • Works in both 12-volt and 24-volt applications

  • Isolates alternators and regulators when only one engine is running

  • Provides field current from a single regulator to both port and starboard alternators when both engines are in operation

  • Fused 12 ga. power wires (2) w/15A ATC fuse included

MFG# CFII-12/24 CFII1224

Product Weight:
1.000 Lbs